Our Aim

Creating Tomorrow’s Experience

At SequelOne, our passion for Human Resource and Supply Chain optimization drives- who we are and what we do- every Day. Our core competency is into these domains and everything we do is rooted in it. SequelOne is reimagining how HR and Supply Chain automation can change the way of doing business. We believe there is an opportunity to change the industry and build something new, something different, something better- Create Tomorrow’s Experience.


We are dedicated to progress and are constantly in motion. We are honoured to serve our clients since last one decade. Here at SequelOne, we’re guided by our primary values that are based on our vision and provide the foundation for everything we do- Originality, Integrity and Agility. SequelOne today represents a unique combination of products, talent and opportunities. It believes in using technology to optimize HR and Supply Chain processes in order to get to a desired result. However, it believes that just using technology to simplify a process isn’t enough and the only means to an end. Simplicity and joy of use will only come through exceptional experience design.


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